Leasing Information

A Conventional Lease charges a market rent that includes day-to-day operating costs; a reserve amount for capital expenditures such as roofs and boilers; and the capital cost of building each individual unit.

The opportunity to participate in an “Equity Lease” is available for tenants renting units in Elm Court and the Concorde.  It is an alternative to a conventional lease agreement.  It is similar to a “life lease” without the restrictions and administrative fees associated with them.

An Equity Lease allows a prospective tenant to invest an amount in Trillium Village that covers the capital cost of an apartment.  In turn, the capital cost is removed from the rent total leaving the tenant to pay a reduced rent made up of the operating cost and capital reserve amount.

Tenants are given a promissory note for their investment.  However, since Trillium Village is not a financial institution the funds are unsecured.  We have over three decades of experience successfully taking and paying back investments from the members of our Association and tenants.

More information can be found in Frequently Asked Questions page in this website.


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